Our offerings include:

  • Drug metabolites in a variety of forms, as solids in various amounts, in convenient flame-sealed vials in 0.1 and 1 mg/mL solution, rigorously tested for identity, purity, and concentration, for use as reference standards.
  • Isotopically labeled drug reference standards for use as internal reference standards.
  • Derivatives of drugs, and drug metabolites that can be used as haptens to prepare antibodies against the parent drug, or the metabolite.
  • Custom chemical synthesis of novel drug metabolites and other pharmaceutically active compounds.
  • Process optimization of synthetic protocols.
  • Analytical testing and quantitation of drugs for purity, such as USP tests, GCMS, LCMS, LCUV, Fluorescence, and ELSD detection, under GLP compliant guidelines.
  • Testing for the purity and other physical properties of pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals, and food additives.
  • Frontier BioPharm is committed to gaining ISO accreditation for measurements, reference materials, and operates under GLP compliance.

Frontier BioPharm offers stable isotope labeled metabolites and the corresponding unlabeled standards.

Please inquire if there are any novel compounds desired that we do not list.

Our September 2017 catalog with pricing can be viewed or downloaded as a pdf document here














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